What could YouniquelyFit™ Personal Training do for you?
 - Alleviate low back pain by strengthening the abdomen

 - Build bone density to combat osteoporosis and/or osteopenia
 - Create body awareness
 - Develop balance
 - Enhance performance in any activity or sport
 - Help regain pre-pregnancy figure
 - Improve posture and alignment
 - Increase flexibility
 - Lengthen and strengthen the entire body
 - Prepare for a safe and smooth pregnancy
 - Relieve anxiety and/or stress

Who can benefit from YouniquelyFit™ Personal Training?

Men, women, and children of all ages and fitness levels.

How many sessions a week of YouniquelyFit™ Personal Training does Jackie recommend?

Jackie recommends three sessions per week to rapidly achieve and sustain your goals.

What muscles will I stretch and strengthen during a YouniquelyFit™ Personal Training session?

The muscles that are strengthened and stretched during a YouniquelyFit™ Personal Training session are based on your postural assessment. After this assessment, your YouniquelyFit™ Personal Trainer tailors a program based not only on your contraindications and goals, but also on your posture. For example, if it's determined that you have Kyphotic Lordosis Posture, your YouniquelyFit™ Personal Trainer will focus on strengthening your hamstrings, gluts, upper back extensors, abdomen and neck flexors, while intermittently releasing and stretching the psoas, lower back, pecs, scalenes and neck extensors.