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Actors, Dancers and Singers: Lunges, Abs, Balance and Flexibility

1 pair of non-slip toe socks
1 yoga mat
1 yoga block
1 foam roller
1 purple loop band
1 red loop band
1 black Theraband
1 5-pound weight
1 chair

10 Minutes

For safety purposes, please wear non-slip socks, like ToeSox, during this workout.
 Ten minute class for Actors and Singers with Sway Back Posture. Includes lunges work to ground you in performance. Strengthens the pelvic floor, gluts, hip flexors, medial intrinsic muscles of the feet, upper back extensors and full abdomen. Moves through the sagittal plane of motion for injury prevention. Careful attention to breath and alignment to enhance performance, improve stamina, increase breath support and free the body.



Fitness Goal

Strength & Toning



Class Type

Actors, Dancers & Singers