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Horseback Riders: Footwork, Upper Body, Abs, Balance, Squats, Lunges and Flexibility

1 pair of non-slip toe socks
1 yoga mat
1 height-appropriate stability ball
1 small anti-burst ball
1 blue Theraband
1 red loop band
1 blue loop band
1 5-pound weight
1 foam roller
1 yoga block
1 trigger ball (a tennis ball or similar will work)

30 Minutes

For safety purposes, please wear non-slip socks, like ToeSox, during this workout.
Standing series for Horseback Riders with Flat Back Posture. Designed to strengthen the entire abdomen, upper back extensors, quads, hip flexors, and combat the plantar flexion of the ankles and feet. There’s specific cueing of breath and alignment to ensure your safety and productivity during each workout.



Fitness Goal

Strength & Toning



Class Type

Horseback Riders