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Osteoporosis: Strength and Toning Class

1 yoga mat
1 yoga block
1 foam roller
1 small anti-burst ball
1 red loop band
1 blue loop band
1 green Theraband
1 single 5-pound weight
1 chair
1 trigger ball (tennis ball or similar works)

Full class for people with Sway Back Posture programmed to combat and increase bone density combating Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. There’s an emphasis on strength work for the abdomen, upper back extensors, gluts, hip flexors, neck flexors and medial intrinsic muscles of the feet. There’s specific cueing of breath and alignment to ensure your safety and productivity during each workout. Athena recommends that you take this class a minimum of three times a week to build bone strength, balance, stamina, and overall posture/ alignment.




3 - Intermediate

Program Type

Osteoporosis/Build Muscle



60 Min